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Reilly Queens:

Reilly Queens:
Show contentOH MY GOD. Show contentTyler got shot! Good riddance. Next ep, Emily has something to say about the Graysons, Daniel finds a box. Everyone is questioned for the murder, and Show contentDANIEL! is arrested!

Reilly Queens:

:colors: though :groan: at ANOTHER Hiatus :'(

Reilly Queens:

Executive Producer Marty Bowen explained that as surprised as viewers would be watching tonight’s episode, the reveal on the beach had been carefully plotted out for quite awhile. “From the inception we always had the idea that there was going to be a big reversal and a big reveal,” he said. “We always knew that the body on the beach was not who you thought it was. We always knew that there were a lot of character plot points and character beats that would be revealed in this moment. But, to bring them all together and get it all in under an hour was a challenge.”

Daniel shocked Emily by asking her to run off with him.

One of the more touching scenes in tonight’s episode was when Nolan strongly urged Emily to run off with Jack to Port-au-Prince, Haiti, where he was going to leave to do missionary work. Mann was emotional when explaining how Nolan’s relationship to Emily is not that far removed from the one the actor has with his co-star. “When I think about Nolan and Emily’s love it’s the same deep respect and friendship that I have for Emily VanCamp and so art imitates life imitates art and back and forth and I’m very moved at just looking at this overview of what this year has meant to all of us and wrapping up this story and really only just begun. It’s really a beautiful emotional bookend to a very incredible time for all of us.”

For the rest of the characters on the show, expect tonight’s happenings to spark a lot of new directions for each of them. Case in point, Daniel, who looked like a lost puppy when he turned up on the beach with blood on the front of his white tuxedo. But whose arms did he fall into? Not his beloved fiancé’s but the all-to-eager arms of Mother Victoria (Madeleine Stowe). Is this a sign that Victoria will regain the strong hold she had on her son prior to Emily entering the picture? “Well, to a certain extent, yeah,” said Bowman, his British accent upping his overall appeal, “but he’s gone through a traumatic experience with this and you’ll see in the next couple of episodes what happens and it will explain what has happened and what took place on that beach.”

Things are also going to get more complicated for good guy Jack (Nick Wechsler), who found his estranged girlfriend Amanda (the real Emily Thorne, played by Margarita Levieva) on the beach with the dead body. For at least the next few episodes, Jack is only going to want one thing – answers. But will he get them since Amanda was last seen driving off in the sweet ride of Emily’s mentor, Satoshi Takeda (Hiroyuki Sanada)? “If I found my girl on a beach over a body and I made the decision to be like ‘Ok, you f*cking take my car and get out of here’ and then she’s gone and I have to figure out what to do with this body, I would want to talk with her again,” Wechsler said. “I’d be like ‘tell me everything! Just knowing what it is that we’re involved in explains a lot but I still need to hear it from you’ and I need to know that she’s okay. He’s going to want to seek out that information.”

Amanda (Margarita Levieva) and Jack (Nick Wechsler)

Moving forward, his occasional playmate Tyler may be gone, but expect Nolan to find some action in the bedroom sooner rather than later. “I’ve been told it is an utter no-brainer that he will absolutely get laid and probably any number of times,” Mann, grinning ear to ear, said of Nolan. “As to who the partners are, where they emerge from and how they wind their way into his life, I wait eagerly as I get each new episode to find out. I think we may tease it into a potential second season, if we’re so fortunate, but absolutely there’s going to be love and lots of trouble.”

When asked which gender Nolan will more than likely tussle in the sack with, Mann smiled and said, “I’ve got my fingers crossed that it’s both and preferably all at the same time. Maybe there’s a very complicated, sexually active love triangle. Threesomes? Nolan’s down for whatever.” That said, Mann is curious to see what would happen if something beyond just the physical would develop for Nolan. “I’d love to see what he did with a real romantic love and how that would affect him. To really have his affection reciprocated in a way that even the people that he’s ‘close to’ don’t really give it back to him.”

As for the other actors in the cast, they are very aware that they are on a show with a lot of heat and a lot of that comes from the good-looking men on screen. Does that in itself create pressure? Maybe a little. “I try to be consistently ready for anything,” said Connor Paolo, who plays Jack’s younger brother, Declan (and played gay Eric van der Woodsen on Gossip Girl prior to this role). “You never know when you’re going to be naked on the beach…I’m working with four – Henry Czerny (Conrad Grayson), Josh Bowman, Nick Wechsler and Gabriel Mann – who are the most gorgeous men in history so I have to maintain a certain level of decorum.”

Connor Paolo in a scene with Gabriel Mann (left) and a shirtless Nick Wechsler

Wechsler said it’s all about timing for him. “Like most of us do, I’m in a constant state of being under construction and I don’t want to reveal it until it’s ready but I have to if they write it in. I only get a little bit of lead-time. They’ll tell me two weeks before ‘You’ll have a shirtless scene in the next one’ and it’s like ‘Oh, f**k, I can’t change that much weight in two weeks and I don’t have the restraint necessary so I just keep eating cake on set.”

Reilly Queens:


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