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About the Buenos Aires part of Leg 2:

The first two pics are from the Retiro Bus Terminal on Buenos Aires.  The interesting thing about this two are not only the place itself - as a retrace of the TAR steps -, but the fact that this is not the designated place were people can get their taxis.  This is the Section "C" from the parking lot of the Terminal.
The last photo shows Art & JJ jumping into their cab in that place.  The thing here is that all the taxis  there belong to the same company "RADIO TAXI MI TAXI", as we can see in the insert.  That means teams were especifically sent to that section to get into those cabs and not the others on the taxi stand.





--- Quote from: Neobie on August 21, 2012, 11:00:17 AM ---Sorry for taking close to forever to do this, but I think I have it, complete with all Pit Stop durations!

SAT 26 NOV 2011
Start at Bridlewood Winery, Santa Ynez, California, USA
Car to Los Angeles Intl Airport, Los Angeles, California
AA 276 to Miami Intl Airport, Florida, USA: 2323-0648 (scheduled 2255-0640)

SUN 27 NOV 2011
AA 961 to Ministro Pistarini Intl Airport, Buenos Aires, Argentina: 1109-2156 (scheduled 1055-2150)
Travel to Aeroparque Jorge Newbery, Buenos Aires

MON 28 NOV 2011
Elliot/Andrew, Brendon/Rachel, Nary/Jamie, Art/JJ, Rachel/Dave, Vanessa/Ralph
   AR 2450 to Martín Miguel de Güemes Intl Airport, Salta, Salta Province, Argentina: 0625-0840 (scheduled 0625-0840)
Joey/Danny, Kerry/Stacy, Dave/Cherie, Bopper/Mark, Misa/Maiya
   4M 4110 to Martín Miguel de Güemes Intl Airport: 0853-1101 (scheduled 0850-1115)
Drive to Santa Barbara, Salta Province
Drive to Aerodromo Gilberto Lavaque, Cafayate, Salta Province
JJ, Rachel (Brendon), Rachel (Dave)
   Flight #1 to Río Santa María, Salta Province
Nary, Elliot, Vanessa
   Flight #2 to Río Santa María
Mark, Joey, Misa
   Flight #3 to Río Santa María
Dave, Stacy
   Flight #4 to Río Santa María
Art, Brendon, Dave, Jamie, Andrew, Ralph, Bopper, Danny, Maiya, Cherie, Kerri
   Drive to Río Santa María
Drive to Patios de Cafayate, Cafayate
Pit Stop #1 (13h) at Patios de Cafayate, Cafayate, Salta Province, Argentina

TUE 29 NOV 2011
Pit Start (0246-0535) at Patios de Cafayate, Cafayate, Salta Province, Argentina
Drive to Town Square, Cafayate
Drive to Quebrada de Las Conchas, Salta Province
Drive to Salta Bus Terminal, Salta, Salta Province
[i]Mark/Bopper, Art/JJ, Rachel/Dave, Brendon/Rachel[/i]
   La Veloz del Norte to Terminal de Omnibus, Buenos Aires, Argentina: 1200-
Dave/Cherie, Vanessa/Ralph, Elliot/Dave, Joey/Danny
   Chevallier to Terminal de Omnibus: 1250-
Kerry/Stacy, Nary/Jamie
   La Veloz del Norte to Terminal de Omnibus

WED 30 NOV 2011
Taxi to Mercado de Hacienda de Liniers, Buenos Aires
Taxi to Plaza Juan XXIII, Buenos Aires
Pit Stop #2 (15h) at El Gomero, Plaza Juan XXIII, Buenos Aires, Argentina

THR 1 DEC 2011
Pit Start (0022-) at El Gomero, Plaza Juan XXIII, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Taxi to Ministro Pistarini Intl Airport, Buenos Aires
Rachel/Dave, Art/JJ, Nary/Jamie, Bopper/Mark
   PZ 704 to Silvio Pettirossi Intl Airport, Asunción, Paraguay: 0918- (scheduled 0845-1035)
Brendon/Rachel, Kerri/Stacy, Vanessa/Ralph, Joey/Danny, Elliot/Andrew
   PU 366 to Carrasco Intl Airport, Montevideo, Uruguay: 1149- (scheduled 1040-1230)
   PU 703 to Silvio Pettirossi Intl Airport: 1345-1435
Taxi to Metalurgica Punta de Rieles, Asunción
Art/JJ, Bopper/Mark, Nary/Jamie, Rachel/Dave, Brendon/Rachel, Kerri/Stacy, Joey/Danny, Vanessa/Ralph
   Taxi to Mercado de Abasto, Asunción
Elliot/Andrew, Rachel/Dave, Nary/Jamie, Bopper/Mark, Kerri/Stacy, Brendon/Rachel
   Taxi to Universidad Nacional de Asunción, Asunción
Taxi to Plaza de la Democracia, Asunción
Walk to Escalinata de Antequera
Pit Stop #3 (20h) at Escalinata de Antequera, Asunción, Paraguay
Pit Stop hotel at Granados Park Hotel, Asunción

FRI 2 DEC 2011
Pit Start (1710-0015) at Escalinata de Antequera, Asunción, Paraguay
   Taxi to East Agencia de Viajes, Asunción
Brendon/Rachel, Joey/Danny, Nary/Jamie, Rachel/Dave, Kerri/Stacy, Vanessa/Ralph
   Taxi to Mayara Travel Service, Asunción
   Taxi to Silvio Pettirossi Intl Airport, Asunción
   Taxi to East Agencia de Viajes, Asunción
Taxi to Silvio Pettirossi Intl Airport, Asunción

SAT 3 DEC 2011
PZ 716 to Guarulhos Intl Airport, São Paulo, Brazil: -0701 (scheduled 0415-0710)
AZ 675 to Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino Airport, Rome, Lazio, Italy: 0515-0731 (scheduled 0515-0715)

SUN 4 DEC 2011
Art/JJ, Brendon/Rachel, Joey/Danny, Nary/Jamie, Rachel/Dave, Kerri/Stacy, Vanessa/Ralph
   AZ 1413 to Turin Airport, Turin, Piedmont, Italy: 0920-1048 (scheduled 0915-1035)
   AZ 1429 to Turin Airport: 1020-1142 (scheduled 1030-1150)
Drive to Lingotto Building, Turin
Drive to Museo dell'Automobile, Turin
Drive to Mole Antonelliana, Turin
Joey/Danny, Rachel/Dave, Nary/Jamie, Vanessa/Ralph, Bopper/Mark
   Drive to l'Arte Marmi, Turin
Brendon/Rachel, Kerri/Stacy
   Drive to Gastronomia Salumeria, Turin
   Walk to Piazza Vittorio Veneto, Turin
Drive to Piazza Castello, Turin
Pit Stop #4 (~19h) at Piazza Castello, Turin, Piedmont, Italy

MON 5 DEC 2011
Pit Start (0857-1754) at Piazza Castello, Turin, Piedmont, Italy
Drive to Porto Nuova Station, Turin
   ES 9723 to Porta Nuova Station, Verona, Veneto, Italy: 1105-1427
   EC 86 to Innsbruck Hauptbahnhof, Innsbruck, Tyrol, Austria: 1502-1832
   REX 5428 to Garmisch-Partenkirchen Station, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Bavaria, Germany: 1838-1959
   RB 5498 to Ehrwald-Zugspitzbahn, Ehrwald, Tyrol: 2006-2030
Rachel/Dave, Joey/Danny
   R 2013 to Milano Centrale, Milan, Lombardy, Italy: 1250-1445
   ES 9729 to Porta Nuova Station, Verona: 1505-1627
   EC 188 to Innsbruck Hauptbahnhof: 1702-2032
   REX 5432 to Garmisch-Partenkirchen Station: 2038-2159
Vanessa/Ralph, Nary/Jamie, Brendon/Rachel
   ES 9737 to Milano Centrale: 1505-1648
   EC 22 to Zürich Hauptbahnhof, Zürich, Switzerland: 1710-2129
   EN 467 to Innsbruck Hauptbahnhof: 2240-0213
   ES 9573 to Bologna Centrale, Bologna, Emilia-Romagna, Italy: 1637-1850
   Later trains available
   CNL 484 to Innsbruck Hauptbahnhof: 2305-0431
   R 2067 to Bologna Centrale: 1820-2230
   CNL 484 to Innsbruck Hauptbahnhof: 2305-0431

TUE 6 DEC 2011
Rachel/Dave, Joey/Danny
   RB 5470 to Ehrwald-Zugspitzbahn: 0637-0701
Vanessa/Ralph, Nary/Jamie, Kerri/Stacy, Bopper/Mark
   R 5404 to Garmisch-Partenkirchen Station: 0638-0759
   RB 5472 to Ehrwald-Zugspitzbahn: 0804-0828
Drive to Gasthof Zum Rassen, Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Bavaria, Germany
Brendon/Rachel, Kerri/Stacy, Mark/Bopper
   Drive to Hansel and Gretel House, Oberammergau, Bavaria
Art/JJ, Joey/Danny, Rachel/Dave, Vanessa/Ralph, Nary/Jamie
   Drive to Wetz-Stoa-Stub'n, Unterammergau, Bavaria
Rachel/Dave, Nary/Jamie, Kerri/Stacy, Bopper/Mark
   Drive to Hohenschwangau Castle, Hohenschwangau, Bavaria
Drive to Neuschwanstein Castle, Hohenschwangau, Bavaria
   Horse carriage at Neuschwanstein Castle, Hohenschwangau, Bavaria
Drive to Bundesleistungszentrum für Eishockey und Curling, Füssen, Bavaria
Drive to Landhannes Farm, Schwangau, Bavaria
Pit Stop #5 (~19h) at Landhannes Farm, Schwangau, Bavaria, Germany

WED 7 DEC 2011
Pit Start (0848-1142) at Landhannes Farm, Schwangau, Bavaria, Germany
   Drive to Reisebüro Graf City-Center, Füssen, Bavaria
Drive to Munich Airport, Munich, Bavaria
TK 1636 to Atatürk Intl Airport, Istanbul, Turkey: 1836-2202 (scheduled 1820-2155)
TK 338 to Heydar Aliyev Intl Airport, Baku, Azerbaijan: 2335- (scheduled 2330-0410)

THR 8 DEC 2011
Taxi to Baku Ateshgah, Baku
Rachel/Dave, Joey/Danny
   Taxi to Saman Of Bazary, Baku
Nary/Jamie, Art/JJ, Brendon/Rachel, Bopper/Mark, Vanessa/Ralph, Joey/Danny
   Taxi to Occupational Training Intl, Baku
   Taxi to Toghrul Karabakh Carpet Shop, Baku
Brendon/Rachel, Bopper/Mark, Art/JJ
   Taxi to Naftalan Health Center, Baku
Nary/Jamie, Vanessa/Ralph, Joey/Danny
   Taxi to Yaşil Bazar Fruit Market, Baku
Taxi to Esplanade Estakada, Baku
Pit Stop #6 (36h) at Esplanade Estakada, Baku, Azerbaijan

FRI 9 DEC 2011
Pit Start (2115-2335) at Esplanade Estakada, Baku, Azerbaijan
Taxi to Pasha Travel, Baku

SAT 10 DEC 2011
J2 11 to Dubai Intl Airport, Dubai, UAE: -1256 (scheduled 1005-1255)
EK 721 to Jomo Kenyatta Intl Airport, Nairobi, Kenya: 1502-1920 (scheduled 1505-1915)
PW 728 to Kilimanjaro Intl Airport, Arusha, Arusha Region, Tanzania: 2200- (scheduled 2200-2300)
Taxi to Arusha Airport, Arusha

SUN 11 DEC 2011
Art/JJ, Brendon/Rachel
   Excel flight #1 to Ngorongoro Airstrip, Ngorongoro, Arusha Region: 0930-0955
Bopper/Mark, Rachel/Dave
   Excel flight #2 to Ngorongoro Airstrip: 0945-1010
Nary/Jamie, Vanessa/Ralph
   Excel flight #3 to Ngorongoro Airstrip: 1000-1025
Car to Seneto Descent Road, Arusha Region
Bicycle to Seneto Village, Arusha Region
Bicycle to Seneto Descent Road, Arusha Region
Car to Simba A Campsite, Ngorongoro, Arusha Region
Car to Simba B Campsite, Ngorongoro
Pit Stop #7 (15h) at Simba B Campsite, Ngorongoro, Arusha Region, Tanzania

MON 12 DEC 2011
Pit Start (0603-0921) at Simba B Campsite, Ngorongoro, Arusha Region, Tanzania
Drive to Hillary Klington Shop, Karatu, Arusha Region
Rachel/Dave, Bopper/Mark, Brendon/Rachel, Vanessa/Rachel, Nary/Jamie
   Walk to Kona Ya Mbulu, Karatu
   Walk to Jack Stelzer Pub, Karatu
Art/JJ, Brendon/Rachel, Vanessa/Rachel
   Walk to local household, Karatu
   Walk to well, Bondeni, Karatu
   Walk to Jack Stelzer Pub, Karatu
Drive to Gem Gallery and Arts, Lake Manyara Airport, Arusha Region
Drive to Margaret's Farm, Mto wa Mbu, Arusha Region
Walk to Lake Manyara, Mto wa Mbu
Pit Stop #8 (~34h) at Lake Manyara, Mto wa Mbu, Arusha Region, Tanzania
Travel to Mount Meru Hotel, Arusha, Arusha Region
Pit Stop hotel at Mount Meru Hotel

TUE 13 DEC 2011
Pit Start (2106-0131) at Mount Meru Hotel, Arusha, Arusha Region, Tanzania
Taxi to Rickshaw Travels, Arusha

WED 14 DEC 2011
Taxi to Kilimanjaro Intl Airport, Arusha
   PW 723 to Jomo Kenyatta Intl Airport, Nairobi, Kenya: -0700 (scheduled 0600-0700)
   KQ 318 to Dubai Intl Airport, Dubai, UAE: 1520- (scheduled 1520-2135)
   IX 434 to Cochin Intl Airport, Kochi, Kerala, India: 2355-0520
Rachel/Dave, Bopper/Mark, Art/JJ, Brendon/Rachel
   PW 435 to Julius Nyerere Intl Airport, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania: 0740-0900
   QR 535 to Jomo Kenyatta Intl Airport, Nairobi, Kenya: 1140-1259 (scheduled 1155-1315)
   QR 535 to Doha Intl Airport, Doha, Qatar: 1405-1907 (scheduled 1415-1910)
   9W 555 to Cochin Intl Airport, Kochi, Kerala, India: 2320-0605

THR 15 DEC 2011
Taxi to Rajiv Gandhi Municipal Bus Terminus, Kochi
   Bus #1 to Sacred Heart College, Kochi
Art/JJ, Brendon/Rachel
   Bus #2 to Sacred Heart College
   Bus #3 to Sacred Heart College
   Bus #4 to Sacred Heart College
Rickshaw to Indian Coffee House, Kochi
Dave/Rachel, Vanessa/Ralph, Bopper/Mark
   Travel to A2Z Driving School, Kochi
Brendon/Rachel, Art/JJ
   Rickshaw to Ambedkar Stadium, Kochi
Rickshaw to Bolgatty Palace, Kochi
Pit Stop #9 (~21h) at Bolgatty Palace, Kochi, Kerala, India
Pit Stop hotel at Marina House, Kochi

FRI 16 DEC 2011
Pit Start (0653-) at Bolgatty Palace, Kochi, Kerala, India
Rickshaw to Daiva Vili Bhagvathi Kshetram Temple, Chandiroor, Kerala
Brendon/Rachel, Bopper/Mark
   Rickshaw to Mutharaman Devastanam Temple, Cherthala, Kerala
Rachel/Dave, Vanessa/Ralph, Art/JJ, Brendon/Rachel
   Rickshaw to Pattanacaud Coir Mats and Matting, Pattanakkad, Kerala
   Rickshaw to Ammankovil Temple, Fort Kochi, Kochi, Kerala
Rachel/Dave, Vanessa/Ralph, Brendon/Rachel
   Rickshaw to Beach Rd, Kochi
   Rickshaw to All Spices Market, Bazaar Rd, Kochi
Rickshaw to Fort Kochi Ferry Terminal, Kochi
Ferry to Vypin Ferry Terminal, Kochi
Walk to Cheena Vala Fishing Nets, Kochi
Pit Stop #10 (29h) at Cheena Vala Fishing Nets, Kochi, Kerala, India

SAT 17 DEC 2011
Pit Start (1351-) at Cheena Vala Fishing Nets, Kochi, Kerala, India
Travel to Akbar Holidays, Kochi
Travel to Cochin Intl Airport, Kochi
MI 467 to Changi Intl Airport, Singapore: -0635 (scheduled 2345-0650)

SUN 18 DEC 2011
MU 546 to Pudong Intl Airport, Shanghai, China: 1034-1512 (scheduled 1010-1455)
MU 293 to Hiroshima Airport, Mihara, Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan: 1748- (scheduled 1730-2010)
Art/JJ, Ralph/Vanessa, Rachel/Dave
   Airport limousine to Hiroshima Station, Hiroshima, Hiroshima Prefecture: 2100-2145
   Airport limousine to Hiroshima Station: 2105-2150
Brendon/Rachel, Art/JJ, Vanessa/Ralph
   Train to Miyajimaguchi Station, Hatsukaichi, Hiroshima Prefecture: 2200-2227
   Ferry to Miyajima Ferry Terminal, Miyajima, Hiroshima Prefecture: 2242-2252
   Train to Miyajimaguchi Station: 2220-2247

MON 19 DEC 2011
   Ferry to Miyajima Ferry Terminal, Miyajima, Hiroshima Prefecture: 0625-0635
Travel to Atomic Bomb Memorial, Hiroshima Peace Memorial, Hiroshima, Hiroshima Prefecture
Nozomi 14 to Shin-Osaka Station, Osaka, Osaka Prefecture, Japan: 0906-1035
Brendon/Rachel, Rachel/Dave
   Metro to Tenma Station, Osaka
   Walk to Kansai TV Headquarters, Osaka
   Taxi to Kansai TV Headquarters, Osaka
Taxi to Kansai TV Studio, Osaka
Taxi to Floating Garden, Umeda Sky Tower, Osaka
Art/JJ, Brendon/Rachel, Vanessa/Ralph
   Taxi to Kula Sushi, Osaka
   Taxi to Tenjinbashi 2, Osaka
Taxi to Osaka Castle, Osaka
Pit Stop #11 (3h) at Osaka Castle, Osaka, Osaka Prefecture, Japan
Pit Start (1615-1705) at Osaka Castle, Osaka, Osaka Prefecture, Japan
Taxi to Kansai Intl Airport, Osaka
HA 450 to Honolulu Intl Airport, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA: 2106-0919 (scheduled 2115-0935)

MON 19 DEC 2011
Taxi to One Waterfront Towers, Honolulu
Taxi to Sand Island State Recreation Area, Honolulu
Helicopter to Kawela Bay, Hawaii
Jet-ski at Kawela Bay
Taxi to Coral Kingdom, Waikane, Hawaii
   Walk to Moli'i Fishpond, Waikane
   Stand-up paddleboard to Secret Island
   Stand-up paddleboard at Moli'i Fishpond, Waikane
   Walk to Coral Kingdom
Art, Rachel (Dave), Rachel (Brendon)
   Holua at Coral Kingdom
ATV to Moli'i Fishpond
Stand-up paddleboard at Secret Island
Finish at Secret Island, Waikane, Hawaii, USA

Here are some notes and a few ways in which this differs from Apskip's timeline here:

Leg #1
Since the first flights were producer-provided, I think they would have bundled all teams together on the same flight up until Buenos Aires, which jives with our sightings of all teams at the same gate at LAX. Given the choice between the Aerolíneas Argentinas flight and the American Airlines flight, I believe producers would have got a cheaper, single ticket on AA.

Leg #3
I included the direct flight to Asunción that the earlier teams took.

Leg #4
A connection in Brazil is confirmed by the airport scene of Bopper/Mark realising they're on a later flight, where the window panes of the terminal show a logo based on the Brazilian flag. I'm not too sure whether it's São Paulo or Rio de Janeiro though, but the schedules suggest the former. Pit Stop check-in times are from the shadows at Art/JJ's arrival, which run straight across the plaza.

Leg #5
I got the train timings based off current timetables, but most of the clues match up. The train timings are consistent with the times at which teams checked out of Turin, there's a clock showing 7am as the second wave of teams arrive at Ehrwald, and we see a shot of the train number Bopper/Mark are on. All the teams actually had to connect through Garmisch-Partenkirchen (where the yodelling restaurant the next morning is), which shows how contrived production makes the route to try to bunch teams. Rachel/Dave and Joey/Danny actually spent the night in town, took a train the next morning to Ehrwald, just to grab a car and drive back to where they started! Also, Bopper/Mark caught up with Kerri/Stacy somewhere along the Italian main line; they took the same train arriving in Innsbruck.

Leg #7
Teams connected in Dubai, not Istanbul. Just as teams step off the plane in Nairobi (before the squabble) you can see the Emirates uniform on the airline staff. This means they arrived in Arusha the same night (you can also see the boarding pass for PW 728 during the fight), not the next morning.

Leg #8
Thanks DrRox for figuring out the Arusha hotel transfer!

Leg #9
I'm still not 100% sure about the flights, because if you watch the episode you'll find severe sound editing when it comes to when flights are supposed to arrive. It also confuses me that teams going to Dar es Salaam doubled back to Nairobi before continuing on to Doha, where they have plenty of options to get to Nairobi to catch Vanessa/Ralph's Dubai flight. Did they just not do enough homework? But you also see Art/JJ on a Qatar Airways plane, so maybe what we have is correct after all.

Leg #11
Teams were clearly shown taking a China Eastern flight, which rules out the Seoul option. There is an option of connecting through Kuala Lumpur to get to Shanghai, but it's slightly less convenient than the Singapore connection. I'm also revising the Osaka Pit Stop to three hours instead of two; Ryan Gartman's camera has EXIF data, and using the Moscow clock-tower trick on another photo of him wearing a watch, it has the Rachel/Dave check-in photo just three minutes short of the three hour duration. (We'd assume the chat with Phil after check-in takes at least that long.) But three hours has got to be the shortest Pit Stop on record (well ignoring the TBCs)! What would happen if Ralph/Vanessa got stuck somewhere and Phil misses his flight to the finale? Would we have to Guido Phil? ;)

Leg #12
Art/JJ did not take into account time difference when they said they had 12h to rest; that's the clock duration of the flight.

Most Pit Stop durations were figured out in great part by JJ's big watch (and sometimes Dave's too). So future racers please wear analog watches with big faces to help me out!

I placed the extended Pit Stops (well, those over 24h) in Baku, Arusha, and Kochi. They're set up so that teams still arrive one day and leave the next, albeit in the late afternoon or evening (always to book tickets for the next morning). They're also positioned just before the complicated travel segments, giving Phil time to move ahead of the teams. The extended Pit Stop in Arusha also give time for Bopper/Mark, who check in to Mto wa Mbu in the afternoon, to move to the Arusha Pit Stop hotel and then be examined by the doctor at noon the next day (according to the doctor's watch).
Unlike in Apskip's timeline, I avoided placing the extended Pit Stops in the middle of double-leg countries, in this case Leg #7 (Ngorongoro) and Leg #9 (Kochi). Phil doesn't have to run around as much, and traditionally these Pit Stops have been shorter affairs. Mark/Bopper help with the timeline again: Bopper doesn't have time to recover from his minor heatstroke before the start of the next leg.
Consolidated, the Pit Stop durations are: 13h, 15h, 20h, 19h, 19h, 36h, 15h, 34h, 21h, 29h, 3h.

I'm also working on the maps for TAR 20 and am just about done; if anyone is feeling up to the challenge please help me find the Fast Forward location in Baku and the Pit Stop hotel for the second Kochi leg!

--- End quote ---

I found the schedules of the different services teams used to travel to complete the info from the Timeline:

LA VELOZ DEL NORTE/1rst bus:   dep.  12.00am.     arr.  08.00am.

NUEVA CHEVALLIER/2nd. bus:     dep.  12.50am.     arr.  07.45am + 2 - 09.45am.

LA VELOZ DEL NORTE/3rd. bus:   dep.  15.30pm.     arr.  09.30am.

Note:  I added the two hours delay to respect what the team members said on the episode, but I estimate that they were more time stranded.  It's the only way the third bus could left them behind, and cut out a 2.40 minutes difference (also, when they all reach the Mercado, Nary & Jaime and Kerry & Stacey has already gone).


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