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The Amazing Race 20
Five continents, 22 cities and nearly 40,000 miles... (CBS)

Leg 1 (Santa Ynez, USA → Santa Barbara, Argentina )

FilmedNovember 26-28
BroadcastFebruary 19

START LINEBridlewood Winery, Santa Barbara, California (caper / Slowhatch)

TASKSearch through 100 race coloured balloons (Zouly)

FLIGHTS LAX (Twitter) > Miami on AA276 (Twitter )
Miami > Buenos Aires (Twitter) on Unknown

ROADBLOCKSkydiving above Salta (Neobie)

ROUTE INFOMake 120 empanadas (CBS)

PIT STOPPatios de Cafayate Winery (CBS)

Leg 2 (Salta, Argentina → Buenos Aires, Argentina )

FilmedNovember 30
BroadcastFebruary 26

TRANSPORTTeams take an 18 hour bus ride from Salta to Buenos Aires (BLOG via Plaidmoon )

ROUTE INFOPlaza San Martín (4square via paridy)

DETOUR: DONKEYSThe donkey run is at Quebrada de Cafayate (also called Quebrada de las conchas) north of town on the road to Salta. (Slowhatch)
something with a donkey  :lol: (CBS promo)

DETOUR: SOLAR PANELS "a lone clay hut in the middle of the mountains," somewhere between Cafayate and Km88. (Slowhatch)
Construct a Solar cooker and bring a teakettle to a whistling boil (CBS promo)

ROADBLOCKLiniers cattle market (Slowhatch)

TASKCounting (?) cattle (CBS press)

PIT STOPRecoleta, Buenos Aires (Twitter )

(additional source: BLOG via Plaidmoon )

near the CARLOS DE ALVEAR STATUE, Recoleta (source: CBS promo ID'd by Zouly)
OR possibly the Church of Nuestra Señora del Pilar

Other: Twins have taxi trouble in Buenos Aires
(Intro cap, ID'd by Leafsfan   )

AT RISK David and Cherie (not sighted after this leg)    :'(   

SAFE everyone else (future sightings)

Leg 3 (Buenos Aires, Argentina → Asunción, Paraguay )

This leg dedicated to DOCOL for his excellent home turf spoiling!!

FilmedDecember 1
BroadcastMarch 4

TITLE"Bust Me Right In The Head With It" - Bopper to Mark?? [/font]

Buenos Aires taxi delay for the Twins?  (Addendum: Not seen)

FLIGHTS Buenos Aires (Twitter) > Asunción

ACTIVE ROUTE INFO   Metalurgica Punta de Rieles (credit to docol)

DETOUR: STRING ITRestring a harp AT Saloon Auditorium of Asuncion's National University, located in the campus of the city of San Lorenzo (credit to docol)


DETOUR: STACK ITUnload enough watermelons to construct a pyramid AT MERCADO DE ABASTO (credit to docol)

ROADBLOCKPerform 'Bottle Dance' (Twitter) AT Plaza de la Democracia, Asunción ([/color]Foursquare )

PIT STOPEscalinata Antequera, Asunción (Twitter / BlueRabbit, docol)

AT RISK Elliot and Andrew (not seen after this episode)

SAFE Everyone else (future episode sightings)

For the official cast list, click here. For the contestant spoilers uncovered prior to this, refer to the below list.

Brendon Villegas (M) & Rachel Reilly (F) (LAX Photos) (georgiapeach)

Misa Tanaka (F) & Maiya Tanaka (F) (LAX Photos , Macaroons)

Mark Jackson (M) & Bopper Minton (M) (Baidu / weihen , walkingpneumonia)

Jamie Graetz (F) & Nareman Ebeid (F) (indietravel , Macaroons)

Vanessa Macias (F) & Ralph Kelley (M) (milanissimo )

Joey Lasalla (M) & Danny H (M) (eddieshi1)

Stacy Bowers (F) & Kerri Paul (F) (Macaroons)

Andrew Weber (M) & Elliott Weber (M) (eddieshi1)

David Brown (M) & Rachel Brown (F) (eddieshi1, Chateau d If) (north09) (Blog )

Unknown (M) & Unknown (M) (LAX Photos )

Unknown (M) & Unknown (F)


pic #2 on the first link is F\F team, color orange


--- Quote from: Prophet on November 27, 2011, 07:56:50 AM ---pic #2 on the first link is F\F team, color orange

--- End quote ---

So are the team colours determined by the tassles on their bag? Never been sure on this one!


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