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I have noticed that a lot of wish lists are overwhelming threads meant for other purposes. Why not put them in this thread?

I wish to see:

Rachel from BB!
Naonka or Russell H. from Survivor!
Omarosa as well!

:lol: I'm not that against of people from other shows crossing-over TAR. :tup:

Hello I'm new, I discover TAR during TAR 15 and have fallen in love.

I would like to see many new countries or countries that have not been visited in a long time. I want to see Turkey and the Philippines. I think for new countries, we might see Qatar, Azerbaijan and possibly Israel. I want to see many European countries that have only been visited once or twice. Can't wait for TAR 20 to start, I think it will start this Saturday.

:welcome: to RFF, Amazingracer!

If anyone of the racers is Jewish or has visited Israel we can cross off the countries that don't recognize the country.


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