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I have noticed that a lot of wish lists are overwhelming threads meant for other purposes. Why not put them in this thread?

I wish to see:

Rachel from BB!
Naonka or Russell H. from Survivor!
Omarosa as well!

:lol: I'm not that against of people from other shows crossing-over TAR. :tup:

Hello I'm new, I discover TAR during TAR 15 and have fallen in love.

I would like to see many new countries or countries that have not been visited in a long time. I want to see Turkey and the Philippines. I think for new countries, we might see Qatar, Azerbaijan and possibly Israel. I want to see many European countries that have only been visited once or twice. Can't wait for TAR 20 to start, I think it will start this Saturday.

:welcome: to RFF, Amazingracer!

If one of the racers is Jewish or has visited Israel, this season would be the best chance to go to Israel. That racer would stop the race from going to many Southwest Asian countries. So we could go with Israel instead of having to go straight from East Asia to Europe.


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