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TAR 20: What can we expect?

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 TAR 20 is on the way!!
The race will be starting VERY soon!
What can we expect??
A heavily recruited cast, more than usual. Minor celebrities. Models, Musicians, Athletes, Media personalities.
A Family connection. Most should be running with a family member. Married couples were particularly recruited. A grandparent/grandchild team?
Cross-Over from other shows. Perhaps even a former racer with a new family member??
Many were recruited, few were chosen, some of the listed may be being saved for another season.
And I leave you with some Words of Wisdom from Phil, hope they listened!

So, what will it be?  Will it be a Celebrity Edition or another Unfinished Business or a mixed of Celebrity/Reality/All-Star edition?  I think that will be nice. :hearts:

Care to address the many many Brenchel rumors? :lol:

I highly doubt we will see another Unfinished Business edition this soon after the last one. I have my doubts about them doing an All Star edition any time soon either.  As for Brenchel, they've taken people from Big Brother before, so why not?

I saw Russell Hantz tweeting lately with someone about being his partner on the Amazing Race, but he was on Twitter yesterday. However, given his history of leaking info about Survivor and since teams are probably already sequestered, I doubt he will be in TAR 20.

More semi celebrities??  :groan:

Cross over from other shows?  :'(

These are not good news for me.


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