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Some interesting (and some not so interesting) facts and records!

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Caroline & Jennifer have ran the most legs in Amazing Race History without (so far) a first place finish on a leg.


--- Quote from: gamerfan09 on April 25, 2014, 12:02:08 PM ---Something I noticed from TAR24:

At every leg starting Leg 2, if a team departing the Pit Start is shown given a confessional, and the background is different from everyone, they come last on the leg. (Pit Start confs dont count)

--- End quote ---

This has been evident for quite some time now, and has been happening since UB if I recall, though it could be earlier?
It just sucked when I noticed it first, because for every season since UB I've known who's going home based on this!  :'(
Granted though there's like a 2% chance this will happen and that team wont go home, though very slim!

No M/F team won in every season which had a NEL/TBC/KOR at 9 teams remaining (S9 leg 3 midway point, S17, S18, S22)
First two seasons were win by a best friends team (BJ & Tyler, Nat & Kat)
Latter two seasons were win by a siblings (Kisha & Jen, Bates & Anthony)

Interesting (or maybe not all that interesting) thing I noticed. :lol:

Both, All Stars 1 and Unfinished Business, had only 4 Teams that made it to the Final 3 in their original season.
All Stars 1 - Rob & Amber, Teri & Ian, Joe & Bill and Uchenna & Joyce. (I don't count Eric as he's not a "Team" by himself)
Unfinished Business - Jaime & Cara, Margie & Luke, Ron & Christina and Jet Cord.

And in both Seasons, these teams were eliminated straight after each other, with none making it to the Final 3 for a 2nd time.
All Stars 1 from 8th - 5th.
Unfinished Business from 9th - 6th.

All Stars 2 also follows this same pattern, if we count the three-peats, of only having 4 Teams that previously made it to the Final 3.
The only difference here however is that these 4 Teams weren't eliminated one after the other like the previous 2 seasons.
And up until now, 5th was the highest a Final 3 team placed, but this has been broken by Brenchel.

Anywhoooo, I thought it was kinda neat that all 3 returning cast seasons each had only 4 Teams that reached the Final 3.   :wise

I regret to inform you all that *sigh* Dave & Connor :'( have also accomplished the record of a constant Top 4 finish with a No Damage Run (no bottom 2 finishes where elimination is possible). A record only Margie & Luke (in the US version) have done so far.


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