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S23 EP 10 "Running The Show"

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Peace, Love, TAR! :D:

--- Quote from: Belle Book on November 17, 2011, 06:31:05 PM ---
--- Quote from: Reality_Gal on November 17, 2011, 08:40:50 AM ---Cochran was so rude to Dawn. Does he not think he is next? Good job, idiot. You managed to remove your whole team and you're next!

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Albert, Coach and Sophie made Cochran a Final 4 deal, which apparently was more than Cochran ever got on Savaii.  So in Cochran's eyes, he's got a Final 4 deal.  It might be fake (and probably is), but he's probably willing to take the chance that it's real.

Belle Book

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Curious, but how was Cochran ever rude to Dawn???

Yea.. I never had the impression Cochran was rude to Dawn. :duno: Maybe he/she meant giving her false hope and lip service.


--- Quote from: Ruth on November 17, 2011, 12:18:43 PM ---That was so boring, to have the entire Savaii wiped out. Save Cochran, that is. But since he's already flipped to Upolu, he's out of the picture. I really wished that Albert, Sophie and Cochran had carried their plan through. That'd flip the game up so much. I really enjoyed this season, but it's not getting predictable and boring again.

I do feel that Cochran will not be gone at 7th. In fact, I feel that he could actually make it to the end, but of course not win. Gosh, all I hope for now is that Upolu will do something to shake things up. Otherwise, Coach is winning.

Please, no...

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I totally agree, Ruth; the game has approached ho hum and boredom.  No bold moves, no risks, just knocking off one tribe one member at a time. So predictable, the only benefit of watching tonight was a nap!!

Ozzy is showing himself to be the true Survivor though, just as Rob did last season.  His abilities and instincts are right in line with being a winner.  I initially liked Coach but he has now worn thin.


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