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--- Quote from: theschnauzers on December 01, 2011, 04:57:04 PM ---I can't remember which early season(s) off-hand, but the show has confirmed using Miami as a connecting flight for the first leg in the past. (Amazing Yellow Line, y'all) I think it was TAR 5, but I'd have to pull out the episode and check.

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I thought it would be worthwhile to check out other Amazing Races where Miami was likely a key connecting point. As you know, the information on screen is not always completely reliable so we don't know for sure using that. A better approach is to look at the most likely connection points to get from a start city to an "end of first episode" city. I had to eliminate AR3 and AR11 because they started in the Miami metro area and therefore could not connect there. I discovered that none of the rest which could have gone through MIA in their first episode are likely to have done so:

AR2 (LAS GIG) - Toronto was most likely
AR7 (LAX LIM)  - IAH/SAL most likely
AR9 (DEN GRU) - LAX or Toronto or IAH/SAL most likely
AR16 (LAX SCL) - SAL/LIM or Toronto most likely

I decided to put this to a reality test against the purported routes shown in the telecasts. It did not match up well. Here are the outcomes:

AR2 - two AA flights were the departures, probably both through DFW or both through MIA
AR7 - AA through MIA and UA through JFK
AR9 - this was the most complex, as there were 3 flights to start UA398 at 1325, CO498 at 1420 and AA932 to DFW at 1531. I have to research these past flights if possible to see where they went.
AR16 - early teams were originally on a AA flight through DFW but it was delayed so all teams ended up on an AA flight to MIA.

apskip, back in those early seasons, the editors weren't as unwilling to include images that could be vidcapped to get connecting flight information and I agree TAR 5 was one of the times the Race used Miami as a connecting city. In the back of my mind I think there was one other instance, I believe it may have been TAR 3 when some teams connected to London after Mexico via Miami and others took non-stop flights without needing to connect in Miami. But I think there was one other later Race (after TAR 5) when some teams connected to South America through Miami (but not all of the teams.)

Unfortunately the best primary source for posts that found that information in those early seasons would have been TWoP (because that was where a lot of the early work was done before RFF came along), and in that era, the threads would be purged every so often due to server space issues. I'm not sure what other original sources for that type of episodic timeline reconstruction still exist; but some of this is due to the cumulative effect of airline schedule changes and mergers over the past ten years.

The reasons why I even remember this is that a filming permit was found online for a records search for WRP at Miami International Airport, and there was some suspicion that the Race start would be in South Florida; but it turned out to be filming of planes taking off at MIA to document a connecting flight out of MIA. (This was back in the day when the search engines weren't so overloaded that you could generate a gem like that without too much trouble.)

I'm not sure those early seasons ever used Toronto as a connection point for flights to the first country; I don't recall ever hearing of such flights, and IIRC, it was possible to sort out flight schedules pre-TARAS pretty accurately, since the show would always give us a flight number for those first flights.

Torino :cmas20 :cmas20
Here a  video In English

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