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We can always take another look, but the Doha spoiler was deemed FAUX at the time.

TAR Fanatic:
Here are the tweets from Doha:

Marie Nair ‏ @MarieDeviNair

Given the luxury of the Qatar coach cabins, I must say the Doha Terminal is... a disappointment
6:37 AM - 14 Dec 11 via Futuretweets V2 Details

Marie Nair ‏ @MarieDeviNair

pretty sure I saw what looked like Amazing Race or those round the world challenge things just run past me.
7:54 AM - 14 Dec 11 via web Details

Marie Nair ‏ @MarieDeviNair

@ArundhatiSV noo sweetie... not on my flight. they arrived from katmandu :) arrival gate bside mine!!!
7:54 AM - 14 Dec 11 via web Details

I assume the time stamp is my local time which was CST in Dec. I think the main reason we believed them to be false is that this person said the racers had arrived from Katmandu which we later learned was not a part of the race. She could have simply been mistaken as to where the racers arrived from. The date of Dec 14 is later than the possible India dates that are currently being considered. So is it possible that teams did not arrive in Cochin until late Dec 14/early Dec 15?

The layover of AR20 teams in Doha airport on Dec. 12 was between QA535 arrival at 710pm and departure of 9W555 at 1120pm.

That does not match either the date or time of day for the sightings reported above, so although sightings in Doha were possible those in particular were not valid.


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