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--- Quote from: Kiwi Jay on November 26, 2011, 10:09:16 PM ---Asuncion, Paraguay. No flights out of there to LAX from what I can identify, possibly a connector to reach that destination?

--- End quote ---

They could go to Panama City, Sao Paulo or Lima to get there.

TACA Peru has flights from Lima to Asuncion.


--- Quote from: Amazingracer on November 26, 2011, 10:14:59 PM ---TACA Peru has flights from Lima to Asuncion.

--- End quote ---

The flight that was supposed to leave today was canceled.

Here is a bit of speculation.


Elings Park in Santa Barbara was closed all day today. Maybe it was for the start line of the race.

Kiwi Jay:
Edit: Was just looking at posting the above.

They will need connectors to get to Asuncion, Paraguay. These are flights tonight out of LAX to possible connecting points with flights available thereon to Paraguay, these are two flights out of LAX tonight connecting to a point in South America?!:

  Lan Peru  LP2605 LIM  Lima 20:10 20:45  B  Scheduled 
  COPA  CM303 PTY  Panama City 00:58 01:13  6 66 Scheduled 

However the airport in Lima, Jorge Chaves Airport does not have a flight to Asuncion....hoax?


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