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S23 EP 9 "Cut Throat"

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Jeff has a Travelocity Roaming Gnome on his shelf!
Also, by two people go home, maybe they have to duel to see who goes to RI. And the other leaves? *pure spec*

Y'all are right!! DOUBLE EVICTION!!

Check post 1 for the press release!!

Reilly Queens:
Since when did Survivor have Evictions? :lol3:

but ugh at the double boot, I thought Jeff said duels were 1vs 1 :groan:

Reilly Queens:

Reilly Queens:
MaxxFisher spoilers:

2 ICs,2 TCs, no Redemption Duel,


Ozzy & Jim

Alright with the second, but the first is meh. Hoping Keith can pull through at the 3 way duel  :groan:


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