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Here is a link to a pic of KEN.  It looks a little strange to me, but this coud be a sign that he may go soon.  The last couple of survivors had pics or stories posted and then the next week they were voted off.

What do you think?

Hey Texan,
I had posted this earlier today.  Looks like the server must have crashed again.  :'(

It doesn't really look like him, yet is hard to tell he is always wearing a hat on the show. ::)

Last week when I checked out Ken's photo it was a head to navel shot.  Very creepy!  Now the photo is only a torso.  What gives?  Did Ken's people edit the shot?  I wanted to show it to some friends, but now it's ??????

Welcome citytoo! ;D  Glad to have you aboard!  We always love when new posters actually post!  Welcome to our humble little home away from home. :D

Yeah citytoo! Glad to see you around.  Now snickes will not be the only newbie!  :D


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