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OMG!! OMG!! OMG!!! :jumpy:

 This , BY FAR , is the best show of the year for me! Its on FX  usually on Wed 10pm EST but on Monday Oct 31st they will be showing a marathon of the first 4 episodes 10pm EST

If you are like me and scare easily then DVR it and watch them in the daylight.

DISCLAIMER: this is not for young kids.. it  is adult themed and yes SCARY!!  But the actors are phenomenal!

 there are some great mini clips, behind the scenes and you can even sign up to get a HOUSECALL(aka SCARE) from one of the so called cast!

I believe this will get many awards this year in several categories and is a  MUST WATCH!

Not me....I would have nightmares for sure!! :ascared:

:lol3: its not bad!! its like Ammityville Horror meets scary If these walls can talk (the first one not the one that Ellen did)  super updated!! :lol3: check out the pilot on the link at their website

Random revival I guess :lol:

Can't wait for Freak Show!

Excited for Freak Show premiering soon!  :hearts:


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