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Who will be the winners of amazing race 19? POLL

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Please Vote Wisely......

It can just be Jeremy & Sandy because...

Ernie & Cindy won the xpress pass
Andy & Tommy won leg 3
Parent/Child teams can't win
Famous people can't win (Am I right?)
Bill & Cathi because they are my favourite team (they NEVER win :'()
Justin & Jennifer because...I just can't see them win (I don't know why tho)

I'm going to work this out by deduction and assume that none of the TAR 'spells' will be broken.

No team that finished 5th in Legs 1, 3 or 5 have ever won the race, so that rules out Marcus & Amani, Ernie & Cindy and Andy & Tommy.

Siblings are the main relationship group with the highest average placing, with dating second. So my prediction is:

1st: Justin & Jennifer
2nd: Jeremy & Sandy
3rd: Ernie & Cindy (because they won the Express Pass)

Amani and Marcus!

I think Jeremy and Sandy will win because they got positive edit and Laurence and Zac(most positive edited now)'s intro ground is old(maybe imply they're 6th place),all teams got old intro ground this season out first(Survivor and LasVegas girls also contained old backgrounds in their intros)...


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