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retard boi:
First promo

retard boi:

Top row (left to right):
Adele & Tom (Dating), Akiva & Anaelle (Married), Mor & Tal (Daughter / Mother), Alon & Hen (Married), Bar & Inna (Childhood friends), Shira & Firass (Dating)
Bottom row (left to right):
Moti & Pundak (Friends), Ossie & Carmit (Friends), Fifi & Nitzan (Friends), Gadi & Alona (Friends), Alon & Oren (Brothers)

retard boi:
Season Starts on October 4th

New promo with race footage
edited to embed

It looks really epic! I wish it had at least English subtitles though.

TAR Israel always had the best previews...I too wish it had English subtitles...epic!


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