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--- Quote from: racer on July 23, 2012, 11:29:26 PM ---I've been watching the first nine episodes of this season, thinking 'how on earth do these Italian Sisters survive until the Final Five?' and I just couldn't see how they would do it. :lol:

Now that they're here, I'm going to start having heart failure every time something goes wrong for them, because we don't know if they survive any of the remaining legs! :lol:

If we didn't know they were Final Five, I think I might've had heart failure at least ten times per episode so far. :lol:

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lol we're gonna get heart attacks starting from next episode....

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Double that,since Emilia done 5 Roadblocks already,that means Lucy will have to do the rest  :'(

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i hope the rest roadblocks are wrestling a bear, wrestling a tiger and wrestling a lion LOL

Interesting choice of roadblocks.

Glamazon Racer:
As long as it's not log-rolling, I think they still have a chance! :lol:

Here are the caps of the scene where Michelle and Jo lose their passport
I thought it was Delhi or Dubai airport but it can't be unless it was edited out, which I doubt Channel 7 would do because they're desperate  :lol:
If someone could iD the airport it could help us a lot, but it could be very hard  to nail down...
I've attached a photo of Delhi Airport departure hall which I THINK is the location. Then it would've been Episode 4 when they lost it

Glamazon Racer:
That looks like a match to me, supah3ro. :tup: But I also find it strange that something like that would be edited out... ???


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