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--- Quote from: theamazingracer21 on November 15, 2011, 03:37:35 AM ---
--- Quote from: theamazingracer21 on November 12, 2011, 02:37:00 AM ---i think this brisbane sporler is

a) a local race
b) it is the race and the 1 st leg takes place entiealiy in brisbane(like tar asia 1)

--- End quote ---
yes its defarnaty a local race

--- End quote ---

Not disagreeing, but statements like this are vastly improved by a link to the game info or other expanded information.

If we assume that that Legazpi is to be visited on the 19th, and we assume that the race hasn't started yet, I think we can guess that teams will be flying from Australia to the Philippines. I'm fairly certain that Manila is the only direct gateway from Australia, so here are the direct flights for the next couple of days.

17 Nov - Qantas 19 - 11:40>19:00 (Stops in Brisbane)
18 Nov - Philippine 210 - 12:10>17:20

17 Nov - Qantas 19 - 13:10>19:00

18 Nov - Jetstar 79 - 19:00>21:45

No direct flights

As you can see, Philippines is not a very well connected country, so I'm surprised that it is likely to be our first leg. It seems like teams might have to take connecting flights..

If it is Sydney on the 17th they will need to connect via HK or Singapore.

I like this one:

4:25 pm Depart Sydney (SYD)
Arrive Manila (MNL) 3:50 am  +1 day  Thu 17-Nov
Duration: 14hr 25mn    Qantas Airways 319 
  Philippine Airlines 506 
 Connect in Singapore (Changi)

Out likely endpoint airport is Legazpi. I would be very surprised if they arrived via any other means than air travel.

On the 17th, there are only 7 arrivals. The first six are at 7AM, 7.30AM, 9.10AM, 9.40AM, 12.35PM and 1.45PM and all come from Manila. The final flight is at 2.20PM and comes from Cebu, also a viable entry point if we assume teams will connect in South-East Asia.

On the 18th, we have an extra Manila flight at 9.25AM but no Cebu flight.

They had the option to take a bus to Legazpi in TARA too, so let us not count that out.


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