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Howie, please post the link where these are? I will open the cast reveal thread!  Many thanks! :hearts:

Did my earlier link not show up?

Here is the info on Adam & Dane and Kym & Donna:

Adam & Dane:

I don't know if the video will work in the US, but I'm trying to get a screen cap of Donna & Kym. This is the most awful video player I've ever used.
EDIT: Got one, finally:

 Geoff Stick and Sam Hay, both 24, from Launceston, TAS:


--- Quote from: howie_2010 on April 19, 2012, 11:24:17 AM --- Geoff Stick and Sam Hay, both 24, from Launceston, TAS:

--- End quote ---

This guy's left arm is missing?  :ascared

Where have you been Kevin?? :lol3:

Thanks Howie! Starting the threads now.

Let's take any new news either here to the Contestant Reveal thread or to the Racers' individual threads! Thanks!,27085.msg743016.html#msg743016


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