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All discussion of locations from the spoiler threads go here.
NO WISHLISTS!! There is another thread for those if you must.


I've talked this over with peach and she feels it's okay to post...

It looks like we might just have our first location for TAR AUS 2 :hoot:

Thanks to this tweet, it appears that TAR AUS will be at the Cagsawa Ruins on the 19th of November.

Normally we would not reveal a location time and place for sure.

BUT this is SO public already. :groan:

Clear this isn't the start, and guess they will have to reevaluate their security after this premature reveal!!

But I did a quick search, and it is OUT ...
Anyway, GREAT find ovalorange!!

Could be first or even several legs later... ???

I've read that they are actually needing "800 audiences" for something on November 19.


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