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TAR Australia 2 SPOILERS & LIVE Sightings! Tweets go here *please read post 1*

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I can't.  :'(


--- Quote from: RichInSydney on November 11, 2011, 07:56:25 PM ---Twitter comment 1 hour ago (11:50am Aus EST): Hearing rumours of The Amazing Race filming in Brisbane today!?!?!

Looks like a creditble source. But no details as yet. Can anyone get to Brisbane airport!!!???

--- End quote ---

I asked for a reply to this, and the tweeter responded:

--- Quote ---...a friend thought she saw them running down Charlotte Street this morning!? Unconfirmed but maybe?
--- End quote ---

Maybe not us just yet then?

Guys guys guys.

THIS THREAD IS FOR LIVE SIGHTINGS ONLY, and urgent info and followup about the LIVE sightings.

Lean and mean, that is going to be this thread.

If you are not someone bringing a spoiler, or your post does not say SAW the race, read on Twitter or FB...etc you are in the wrong thread.

SPECULATION on the LIVE sightings goes in spec.

LIVE sightings only here please.

Read my first post re chatter please....

Everybody got it? Good.


Amazing Race is going to the Philippines!
8 minutes ago Favorite Retweet Reply


MNL Manila PR 210  Philippine Airlines 12:10 PM  1:00 PM ~


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