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--- Quote from: georgiapeach on April 05, 2012, 11:16:53 PM ---What is handbooking? They had to choose which horse won the races...

--- End quote ---
I meant to bet on horses...

I didn't know the exact word in English for describing a horse bet, and the online dictionary came up with this word "handbooking." Maybe this dictionary is not reliable. :lol:

Now that the cast has been officially revealed, I think the 6th team who makes it to Vancouver (and is eliminated) is James & Sarah.  Based on their cast picture and the picture I caught of a team at Grouse Mountain (and the picture at Harbour Green Park, which I now believe are the same team), they seem like the only possible match.  The top of Sarah's head appears to be level with James' mouth or nose, which is similar to the couple I spotted:

The only other male/female team that has a male with short, dark coloured/brown hair is Joseph & Grace but I had spotted them leaving Grouse Mountain before this other team even arrived.  Plus, Grace's hair was braided when I spotted her. 

Thanks bc!!

Popped up in the live chat with Sarah and James:

--- Quote ---SarahJames:
@Jess, YES! We are burnt by trusting one of the other teams, we can't say which team yet!

--- End quote ---

Probably won't amount to much, but we shall see.

Ok.  I found this on Twitter today:

I posted 12 photos on Facebook in the album "The Amazing Race Australia in Misibis Bay"

I guess it still counts as a live sighting.


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