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I KNOW none of you saw this Sunday...because we were all watching TAR :lol:
But did anyone else see this since??
Wow... very creative...and from the creators of LOST there will be plots and puzzles and twists galore! I liked the premiere episode.
Plus....I'm a sucker for a happy ending!!


 I saw it peach!! I have to watch it again. there was soo much going on with this dueling cast!! I think im gonna like it!! :tup:

I like several of the actors in it!

It's really love it!

Just watched the Premiere. Really interesting plot. But, we know who half the characters are already, so there goes alot of the suprises

Glamazon Racer:
This show is just getting so unbelievably good! At the present moment, it is currently my #1 show (although TAR will get back to #1 as soon as they come up with a better season :P) because it is just so full of drama and unexpected twists and turns!

The actors are really great! Jennifer Morrison is absolutely perfect as Emma, Ginnifer Goodwin is great and Lana Parrilla is like my favourite villain ever! Not to mention all the other great characters.

I'm just glad I don't live in the US, because I'd have a REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY hard time choosing between this and TAR on Sunday nights... :lol:


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