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Survivor EP 7 "Trojan Horse"

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Firstly, I'm glad Christine won over Mikayla. Christine's would've brought more drama back into the game.  :lol:

Secondly, it didn't matter to me which tribe would've lost the challenge. Upolu would bring drama over who to blindside, with Brandon being the main character of that part of the story. Savaii would bring an interesting move that might prove to be effective, that's hoping no one would flip on that deal.

Thirdly, where in the world were Rick and Whitney? I see them, I hear them, I just don't know what impact they made or will be making that if they get on the chopping block or voted out, I couldn't even care less.

Fourthly, Albert ripping off the bag from its spot and not untying it should not be allowed. I'm okay with him shouting back to Coach (and Rick?) though.

Fifthly, TC brought interesting ideas. But it's all based on so many assumptions. All I can say is that I look forward to next episode to see what happens.

However, I'm quite unhappy that it's Christine vs Ozzy next eppy. I was and still am rooting for Ozzy while I've grown to appreciate Christine's tenacity and of possible drama if she comes back. Now one of them has to go.  :'(

It was an interesting episode and I feel is a start of one crazy ride to come. =D


--- Quote from: Kandace on October 27, 2011, 11:03:33 AM ---Did anyone see Albert cheat on the challenge? Instead of untying the last bag, he ripped the bag off it without untying the knots

ETA: Here is another shot of the ripped bag. You can see how Savaii's is clearly untied.

--- End quote ---

I DID see it but it didn't register. You're right, he cheated!  :groan:

What I saw was Savaii cheating too? I saw Ozzy ripped off the bag too! (I think..)


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