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S23 EP 6 Title "Free Agent"

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Reilly Queens:
If Savaii loses, I want Jim to leave
If Upolu loses, I want Brandon to leave!

I kinda hope Upolu loses since I like Savaii better and don't want them to be pagonged in the merge :lol:

aren't we like 2 duels away from a re-entrance?

Savaii has to win! I refuse to let Cochran/Dawn/Whitney leave premerge!!
But if Savaii has to lose, Ozzy and Keith are the only options I allow!
If Upolu (hopefully) loses, I want Brandon/Mikayla/Coach to go. Brandon/Mikayla because their drama is uncomfortable and Coach because he's backsliding and'll probably make me dislike him soon enough. But yeah, as long as Cochran/Dawn/Whitney/Edna are safe, I won't throw a fit

My gut is saying Mikayla gets booted

Lone Wolf clip up ^^...lots of challenge shots!

Feeling betrayed, one castaway reveals a secret... Appalled by the lack of loyalty, another castaway threatens to leave... Both sound like Ozzy to me! But one of them has to be Ozzy. Perhaps the first is Coach revealing his possession of the HII, and the second is Ozzy. Hmm.

Challenge preview UP!^^


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