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S23 EP 5 "Taste the Victory"

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--- Quote from: Joab on October 07, 2011, 09:50:40 PM ---Big betrayal... probably means Ozzy's tribe lost. :duno:

--- End quote ---

Yes, I believe so!  According to Matt Fisher, who has been right EVERY week so far, Elyse, from Savaii, goes home tonight. 

The challenge was so disgusting yet I felt good watching it. Something's wrong with me  :duno:
I'm so loving Coach being the villain (atleast in my mind) that he is  :hearts:

Cochran's getting a lot of precious opportunities! Poor Elyse, though.

Okay, so I liked the RI duel. It was exciting. Go Stacey for trashing her old tribemates!  :tup:  Christine really is a force to be reckoned with! I wonder if Elyse will win though! Will her inner Native American shine finally?!

Both veterans now have the Idol. And with Ozzy's alliance down and out, he might use his Idol first chance he gets.

I commend Mikayla for taking Rick's (Who?) fallen meat during the challenge. That might've been the diff. I'm so glad they got this challenge back. It's original (as in, other shows have little opportunity to have such a challenge, plus, it's so vicious it looks barbaric, which gives Survivor that 'i want it so bad' feeling!).

Go Dawn!

ZBC Company:
i thought whoever vote for dawn it stupid


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