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S23 EP 5 "Taste the Victory"

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Why does Coach allow nobody but his mom to call his first name Benjemin?

Haven't watched previous seasons...

I think Benjamin >>> Coach. :neener:

 waiting on my friend to bring dinner over, and after the challenge, i lost my appetite. But, kudos for the blindside..and LIke you all said, ozzy isnt the best strategist, and the flare up is going ot be no surprise because he in his mind thought he was running things, and that's the game of survivor, once you get to comfortable running things, someone may try to launch a coup d'etat (or however the hell its spelt)


So there I was eating lunch while watching the episode and soon found myself sick to my stomach. The least they could have done is warned the viewers that grossness was to follow.

That was disgusting  and sickening and has made me lose my "appetite" for Survivor if you catch my drift.  :lol:

The producers need to show us more respect than put us through something that vile.  I fast forwarded to tribal.  Gross   :groan:

No doubt the challenge was disgusting (like I said, I refused to look at the screen when they spat out the meat). But I feel that it was still a good challenge to include in the season, because it just brings out the fighting spirit in each castaway (if any).


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