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Big Brother Australia- Revived and returning in 2012

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--- Quote ---Big Brother is back, y'all! Word on the street is that Channel Nine have won the bidding war on the resurrected series, which will be called 'Big Brother: Secrets'.

The idea behind the new format is that “every housemate has a secret.”

"I understand we are doing it,” a Nine source confirmed.

No word yet on who will host the series, which was presented by Gretel Killeen for 7 years, and then by our own Kyle and Jackie-O in 2008.

Are you excited to have Big Brother back?

--- End quote --- also has some basic information, it appears applications are not open yet.

 :hearts:  About time! Hopefully Channel 9 will do a good job with it.

i didnt mind bb , i just hope there is still japanens game show friday night

shouldn't this be in a diffent board ,this is tar australia

We will leave it here for now...



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