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S23 EP 4 "Survivalism"

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press clue up in post 1^^

Thanks to WIll for this also:

EW: Don’t you dare go anywhere until you tease us up good for next week!

JP: We revisit a classic challenge and at least one Survivor has a chance to break a record set years ago by Rupert “America’s Choice” Boneham.

Rupert challenge =weight bearing, JT tied it in Tocantins.

I hope Ozzy betrays the alliance and goes with Dawn

Hmmm...the emotional tribal council SCREAMS Lil' Hantz to me. So I think that Upolu is headed to Tribal Council. As for the boot, I'm gonna guess Stacey :'( :'( . She was so funny too! As for the betrayal, I'm gonna guess that Jim jumps ship to Dawn/Cochran and I'm hoping Elyse jumps with him as well! The only other betrayal that I could see would be Coach betraying Edna.

I just saw a commercial that indicated Cochran and Jim making an alliance. Is Savaii turning on Ozzy? :duno:

Sounds too obvious that Upolu is headed to Tribal Council. Who else but Brandon would have an emotional outburst...

Initially, I thought that the betrayal of the alliance might take place in Upolu, since if they're headed to Tribal Council, the betrayal would make an impact in causing a blindside. But I keep feeling that the betrayer is Jim, teaming up with Cochran.

Either way, this episode sounds too exciting. Can't wait for Thursday!


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