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Who to boot this week?


I'm at such a loss as to who to pick for boot this week.  It's anybody's game at this point.  I'm torn between Penny, Ken and Helen.  I really don't think that Helen will get booted just yet.  Even if Jake, Ken or Penny wins Immunity they have to get a Chewy to come over to their side.  The most likely would be Helen, given the previews where she is complaining probably about Brian's new cars.  It may seem like she will turn on her Chewy friends but, in the end I think she will stick with the Chewies and they will boot Penny.

I've been reading so many different posts with so many different senarios (spell check?) of what could happen but it all depends on the Immunity challenge.  

As of this moment, I will probably go with Brian/Helen winning the reward challenge.  Then they merge.  Penny tries to "infiltrate" the chewies trying to turn Helen.  Ken wins Immunity.  Penny gets booted 5-3 with the Sookies vote going towards Clay.  Even if Helen doesn't vote with her tribe she will not vote for Clay.  Of course, there are still plenty of hours for me to change my mind. ;)


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