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Looking for our RFF TAR games??
They are here again!!  :hearts:
Mswood's well known RFF TAR 19 Pick'em Game can be found here:,26238.0.html
Prepare to think...laugh your socks off...and REALLY see the episodes like never before!
And this year redwings is hosting the Prediction game here:,26243.0.html
Well known for his challenging and well run games, this one will combine weekly predictions with an element of team performance and mini-games.
While being familiar with spoilers never hurts, both hosts make an effort to not let the questions be dependent on spoiled or not, give them a look!
Check them out! You'll be glad you did!! I never knew how much fun these could be until I played, but you will have a blast!
MORE TAR FUN every week!  :yess:

Both of these will be great games. Please join.


I'm looking for at least 4 more people to join the TAR 19 prediction game (link in the 1st post of the thread). Don't miss out on the upcoming fun!

1 spot left.,26243.0.html


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