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A big THANK YOU from Rob


Hey everyone. I just wanted to write a quick note of thank to everyone who was here for this season of Big Brother.

I think it was very successful for RFF this year with all the new visitors, and new updaters....

But a huge thank you goes out to those updaters who did so much work during the summer keeping everyone up to date on whats going on inside the house. Their time commitment is astounding! So thanks to them

And thanks to everyone who made such an impact here this season...see ya back here next season!!


Thank YOU for giving us such a great place to play Rob!!

Our updaters are the best, (and funny!), dedicated, hard working and they deserve a HUGE round of applause!

They make the RFF BB site what it is, every single one did all they could to make our forum the BEST!

And of course, we think we have the best posters here as well...knowledgable, articulate, and passionate about BB which makes for great conversations!
Hope everyone will join us again next time!

Thanks Rob for providing me with a great BB home! This year I really got involved after many years of lurking. A big Thanks to the hardcore Updaters they really kept me interested and wanting to be here ALL the time  :tup:

Thanks for encouraging me to update. I started late in the season but ready to return full force with the Feeds and really get involved for BB14

And to the posters. I just  :hrt: you all. We respected each other throughout the season and had some great fun! See you next year and lurkers join us we have awesome people at RFF

See y'all next season BB14  :hearts:


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