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BB13 Live Feed Updates Mon 9/12/11- Wed 9/14/11 *Finale Night*

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 :waves: BBAD just started

Adam and Rachel eating dinner

Porsche out of DR

Rachel to the DR

BB must have asked Porsche to clean the kitchen window/mirrors

Porsche now eating dinner

Adam still eating

It's 9:11 and Adam and Porsche stopped eating and taking a moment of sllence for the 10 year anniversary of 9/11. Rachel missed it as she is still in DR 

Adam telling Porsche he can't believe he wasted so many hours studying the memory wall for a comp and it was never used. Porsche said that's hilarious.

Random chatter about the hg's facial features.

Rachel still in DR

Adam and Porsche are done eating. Adam is washing dishes and Porsche is putting food away.

They are talking about Jordan.


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