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BB13 Live Feed Updates Mon 9/12/11- Wed 9/14/11 *Finale Night*

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Rachel, Porsche and Adam are the Final 3 of BB13

Rachel wins part 1 of the Final HOH comp in Big Brother Mixer

Porsche wins Part 2 of the Final HOH beating Adam by 2:15mins

Rachel and Porsche will play in Part 3 of the Final HOH and decide who they want to take to the F2

Rachel seared the Tuna and put it in the salad

Adam is passing the floor waiting on alcohol

Rachel added death sauce to the soy sauce.  Adam says it is not too much for him

Rachel what about Porshe

A come on grow a set of balls

R yeah Porsh grow some balls

Adam is setting the table

Adam mentions to Rachel that the sauce does have a warning label on it

R I guess anything with a warning we should take seriously

I am heading out

BBAD will begin in 8 minutes.

Rachel and Adam are getting ready to eat and Porshe is in the DR.


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