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BB13 Backyard Interviews and Wrap party: LIVE UPDATES CONTINUE!!

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This info is directly from superpass: (i got the inside souce :lol: )

On Wednesday, Spicy(Superpass Host of Getting Schooled with Ragan Fox of BB12 and also Superpass host of Redemption island(   )will be hosting the backyard interviews.

 The plan is to have them pushed directly into the live feeds page on all 4 cameras as well as the live-shows page.  I believe this should start around 8pm after the finale.

On Thursday the Wrap Party will be at TruHollywood and will be broadcast out on the live-shows page, starting at 7pm PT. 

Also will be having their own Vegas Bash Party  September 16th  starting at noon PT with
  72 hours straight of live feeds from the meet & greet and other events with not only the BB13 cast but other BB alumni and other reality tv persona's

  this is what the HG's were talking about all season where we got a ton of WBRB from :lol3:

 Watch all the behind the scenes action as your Favorite Reality Celebs party in Vegas.   


  I'm hoping to be screen capping the backyard interviews here

 and I bought the live feeds for the vegas bash!!

 i'm gonna try and post what i can here anyone else that wants to jump on in to halp post The Back yard interviews, The LA Wrap Party or The  Vegas Bash  please feel free to do so! :ty:

Backyard interview with keith

  how has the fan reaction been since you left the show?

 Kieht it's been good ive been in sequester 4 weeks

Keith says He would have voted for P if he had a vote


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