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BB13 Live Feed Updates Sunday 9/11/11 Final 3* Part 2 HOH

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adam kissing porsche's butt.. says well  maybe you might be the one to chose who you are taking.

 rachel you saved yourself to the F3 and then you won

 adam you have 2 vetos, 1 HOH and 1 part of the final HOH

 porsche goes to get another bandaide

adam me i won a couple of things and my social game is better..

 rachel of all times? ( she cackles after saying that) :lol3:

adam  i can see dominic being  called back..

rachle is going on mug #2 of her sangria already.. she's gonna get drunk!! :lol3:

 rachle maybe one of us will win america;s favorite juror me gamer adam still doesnt correct her  its america's favorite player!! :groan:  any superfan would know this! :ugot

cards time  and BBAD time

 :waves:Here for BBAD

Surprise...they are playing cards. Here we go again....

adam porsche first you're the queen of the castle here

:waves: will!!


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