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BB13 Live Feed Updates Sunday 9/11/11 Final 3* Part 2 HOH

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Rachel, Porsche and Adam are the Final 3 of BB13

Rachel wins part 1 of the Final HOH comp in Big Brother Mixer

Porsche wins Part 2 of the Final HOH beating Adam by 2:15mins

Rachel and Porsche will play in Part 3 of the Final HOH and decide who they want to take to the F2

adam f that im gonna have a beer!!

 porsche we have sangria too

 porsche at the table eating

 rachel cutting up melon

recap: it was an under water challenge with HOH's POV time lines  and each person was separated.  to do the comp.. Porsche beat adam by 2:15

adam well that was the last pysical comp of the summer

 rachel oh yeah?

 porsche yeah thats what he said

adam has been non stop munching since we came back while he's waiting  for his pizza

rachel made a huge bowl of sangria

adam no one cant say that you 2 dont deserve to be oin the F2 you both are beast..

rachel  already chugged her sangria

 porsche how do you drink so quickly

porsche the next time we see julie will be our last


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