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BB13 Live Feed Updates Saturday 9/10/11 Final 3*

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Rachel, Porsche and Adam are the Final 3 of BB13

Rachel wins part 1 of the Final HOH comp in Big Brother Mixer 

P saying "they " want a newbie>>vet comp

Rach says why can't it just be a we played tgether??

Looking at memory wall, Rach says I look like a soap opera something and Porshe looks like a vixen

Talking about who looks like their pic

Who zinged who?

A says re Keith:

Too hard too that your BB game or your sex life?

A can't do ED. he is his man crush :lol3:

BBAD begins

The Final 3 are burn book toasts and not nicely the evicted HG's

Kalia..Do not wait for the Pulitzer prize notification in the mailbox

Jordon hard to say anything bad about Jordon ofcourse Porsche can..she is still po'd about the bikini comment

All very cocky...Adam saying it's for entertainment value

All 3 just being stupid 

If it wasn't for you all being evicted we wouldn't be here

All doing a "tour" of the house for Showtime


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