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BB13 Live Feed Updates Friday 9/9/11 Final 3*

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Rachel took 3 tylenol before the comp. cuz she didn't know what it was or how long it would last

Adam just took some tylenol now and asked if anyone needed it

Adam wants jalapeno's on his grilled cheese

Rachel thinks Porshe would have done good in the molasses comp. but Porshe thinks the jury is out on that

Rachel who would have that in the beginning of the summer that this would be the final 3

P I knew

R you did P

P there is always wishfully thinking

A when I thought about BB I thought about winning, but I didn't expect to make it passed 4th or 5th out, but as it went on and on I thought I can get pretty far

R I think it would have been Dick, Dani, and Jeff

A I don't think Dick would have because if he would have played the game he did last time everyone would have wanted to get him out

R Dani and Dick would have won lots of comps

A he would def. need to be backdoored

R def. cuz if you nom. u would be in trouble

R even if you backdoored him you would have to tell him he was a pawn

A he wouldn't have stood for that

A Reminder BBAD does not start until 1 AM est tonight always a delay on Thursday

They are eating.



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