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BB13 Live Feed Updates Friday 9/9/11 Final 3*

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Jordan is evicted by Porsche

Rachel, Porsche and Adam are the Final 3 of BB13

Rachel wins part 1 of the Final HOH comp in Big Brother Mixer by hanging on for @50 mins


Rachel is going to make soup

Adam says that he is finally not nauseous and should be able to eat now.

Rachel is checking out what fish they have available.

the whole middle row of the memory wall is in the jury house.

Rachel is also going to make halibit.

rachel is going to have a grilled cheese, soup, and halibit.

Chicken and Wild Rice Soup is the main course

R Adam are you okay

A yeah just laying

R laying down

A yeah my legs are starting to feel better

R that is good

R those physical and endurance comps are pretty hard and I guess so are lining up names and letters and the snake one


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