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--- Quote from: KitKat on September 08, 2011, 10:23:32 PM ---How about BB narrows the list of possibilities to 100 and then gives the fans a chance to select at least half the hgs  :tup:

--- End quote ---

 :winner  That would be awesome!!!

I don't like the idea of voting out houseguests either, but voting them in?  You betcha!

That's how it was done here with evictions

3 HG would be nominated then the public would call a 1 900 number and select which HG they would evict
Then at the eviction show on Sunday the person with the most amount of calls would leave

Oh and to add something to my last post when the HG would arrive at the studio as the house was like a 5 minute drive and it would go to a commercial break after the HG was evicted there was a live studio audience and the yells and screams was like the HG's were rock stars

Oh looks like Australia will have  BB next year

Belle Book:
Two suggestions:

1.  All new players -- no returning ones.  The returning ones have an unfair advantage.  Or if you have to have returning players, pick those who are good at the game and not just good for drama.

2.  Let us choose some of the houseguests.

Belle Book

show more of the jury house -- maybe a separate feed??


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