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Don't bring any returning players unless all 14 are returning! It is strictly unfair to have newbies/returning players period. I would love to see a season of 14 new house guest come onto the scene to be given a fair chance. I would not mind an all-star season keep in mind that Season 7 was all-stars maybe they will do another one from season 14.

I love the idea of America being HOH for a few weeks. LOL

If Season 14 is an all-star season I want to see : Dan Gheesling, Chima, Will Kirby, Daniele Donato, Janelle, Russell, Marcellus and others return.


--- Quote from: Kandace on September 15, 2011, 01:20:24 PM ---Enough with the twists that change the format, like the duos or cliques.  But have the twists with the houseguests themselves, like The X Factor, Project DNA and Summer of Secrets.

--- End quote ---

This is true. Season 13 was so rigged it was a joke!

     I dont think they should let America vote because there not in the house and they know all thats going on because the viewing of the diary room where the truth is always told.  That would get rid of the stradegy and everybody the backstabbing which is the best part. 
     I think they should do another All Stars that was definitly the best season in Big Brother history, and now that there has been more seasons there is more all stars.  And right away I would think like the begining seasons players and the later seasons players would be against each other. 
     But if Will and Boogie arent on there then might as well not do an all stars because they are what make the show.  They are what got the show popular.


--- Quote from: ThunderStruck on September 11, 2011, 11:09:16 PM ---How about the Jury stays in the BB house...no jury house. They can't play or win anything...but they stay in the house to keep up the drama and continue as best they can to influence the game.  OH YEA  :knuckles:

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Very good idea!!


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