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Love the post show pics from the wrap and Vegas bash.  Thanks again ugot!!  And thanks again to all who did the live feeds - you guys are amazing!!

I am glad that Rachel won; no question she deserved it.  But also, she did something that really showed character - when it came time to pick F2, she honored her word to Porsche who was way more iffy than Adam for a win for Rachel.  So she took a chance and honored a promise.  Have not always cared for Rachel and she can definitely get irritiating, but you gotta respect her character for doing that.

If it had been Sheliar, she would have thrown Porsche right under the bus to ensure a win, but Rachel made true on her promise.  Way to go Rachel  :tup:


Hi Folks -

You who did live streaming made a very boring and bad season of HG's at least bearable, so THANK YOU!!!!  FOR ALL OF YOUR EFFORTS!!!

I have just watched the first episode of Survivor and am loving it.  It is going to be a good season, lots of talent, strategies already in formation for social game and best of all NO SHELIAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  HA HA; What a horror she made of BB last season.   :ascared

Don't like Rachel. Always felt the game was geared for her to win. They bought back the partners to secure Rachel/Jordan, they bought back Brendon to help save Rachel another week. They gave Rachel and easy POV when just like the "Hanging Banana" where she hung onto Brendon. I always felt and believed Dominic beat out Brendon plus Brendon had 2 years of fans voting for him vs Dominic, Cassi and Keith. I wanted Porsche to win but oh well. Congrats to Rachel and I hope to never see her again on Big Brother. They used Jordan to become friends with Rachel to get people to like her. Jordan has a large fanbase and Rachel doesn't. BB executives are smart.

I was okay with Rachel winning but don't gear things for her to win.


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