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S23 EP 1 "I Need Redemption"

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--- Quote from: ugot2bekidinmeny on September 15, 2011, 11:17:35 AM ---dont get me wrong with the nicknames.. i have a few myself.. i just think they should be known maybe before  Tribal council! :lol: so probst doesnt look like an idiot..

 :lol: he was like well ok.. what do you want me to call you?? and each time his face was  hysterical! :angel:

I think cohran has a hard battle ahead and may make some moves that wont be in his best interests in order to show he's not weak.. and we all know ther are alot of puzzle challenges so that may be a strength of his. who knows! :iok

 Thats an interesting point you made squal about the ruling if all 3 people at the final part had to SHOOT the ball. I would send that off as a twitter question to probst.. im sure he would answer that  in a heart beat!

 In fact i may just ask it tonight to  Jonathan Penner if you dont mind :-[

 I think JIm is going to make himself a target by being so vocal. B:)

 and finally Hantz: well there's only so long as a man you can go without taking your shirt off. Im surprised he didnt have a better back up plan as to why he has that name on himself.. like maybe  I'M NOT RELATED would work! :lol: 

with the previews it seems like Coach isnt to fond of being lied to by young hantz!! :snicker:

--- End quote ---

I feel like a dummy for not thinking about that question when survivor was airing; i just got around to tweeting the question to Probst, and hopefully i get a response. I had that exact thought (strategy wise) when watching the episode; but between following two chatrooms, survivor's feed, and his twitter; i had a mental malfunction

Even though i dont like coach, i think he does have a lot to offer

Squall.. :jumpy:

 I asked Jonathan Penner (cooks Island) Thursday nite  and he said he doesnt know why they couldnt have! Its a great theory  and a great question i will keep asking thru the survivor podcasts and interviews to other Survivor Alumni!

Thanks!! and i will reply back when i get any answers! :tup:

Awesome........(though not as awesome as you :D )

I actually think I like "Young Hantz".  I don't know yet.  he may get on my nerves come ep 3 or 4.  That's when I start deciding who I like or not.  I know that he thinks wearing his shirt all weird will be a good idea but, if I was on his team I'd be more suspicious of that than if he just said.  "My last name is Hantz and it's no relation.  Don't know the guy.  Don't want to!".  By obviously hiding something, he's just painting a larger target on his back.

So far I think that this will be a good season, though I've never been a fan of Coach.  It should be interesting to see what happens. I liked that Semhar left. You don't have a whole lot to go on week 1 so I thought it was the best decision at this point.  I really don't know why Cochran was targeted other than maybe his mishap with the wall?  Though, when I try to look at it from a contestant side I could see how he would possible look like a week link.

SIDE NOTE - Cochran looks like he's going to fry to a crisp any moment from the sun.  If he knew he was going to Survivor you'd think he'd work on a base tan!   :groan:  I feel like we should lather him up in SPF 65 and give him a sunhat.   Hope he makes it though.  I like the underdog.

It looks like both teams have two different ideas about having a veteran.  (are we calling them that here or is my brain still stuck on BB?  lol)

I was predisposed to like Lil Hantz but his attitude towards Mikayla put me off. I find it very insulting.


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