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BB 13 Updates: Wed 9/7/11:ShowTime's BB After Dark (Taped 9/6/11)

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***For our wonderful Members and Guests***
We will return with our live feed updates when they begin again at 12:00 AM Thursday morning. CBS is blocking the feeds until midnight after the show airs on the West Coast. In the meantime, you are invited to join the discussions in the BB13 boards or the BB 13 Discussion of the Live Feeds
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--- Quote from: ugot2bekidinmeny on September 05, 2011, 08:35:59 PM ---Rachel wins HOH Comp "Rollin' in the Dough"


Porsche and Kalia remain on the block up for eviction

House Guests have been told about the eviction Tuesday

Crystal the BBFortune Teller comes alive and predicts 14 HG's predictions

** Feeds will be blocked for live eviction show/taping**

--- End quote ---

To our readers!

Tonight's ShowTime was actually taped this morning.

HG's were told there was a special taping of ShowTime ...they were given Mimosas, cards, and a tie-dye kit.

You can see the LIVE UPDATES of this starting in the 9/6 thread HERE:,26183.msg661012.html#msg661012

So we will be giving our regular Updaters a very well deserved night off!

But if any of you watching BBAD would like to Update what you are seeing, you would be VERY welcome!!

And...if by some chance someone was  fortunate enough to attend tonight's SHOW taping...Feel free to tell us all about it right over here!!,26193.msg661224.html#msg661224

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BBAD starts with Kalia in bed  sleeping  and a quick flash of Rachel up in HOH getting ready but back to kalia sleeeeeeeping..nothing going on

Camera on Rachel in HOH taking shower

BB announer  Adam please go to the Diary Room

Rachel out of the shower wrapped in a towel..just getting ready for the day..going thru some things in her  BB bag

Adam up and goes to the BR and washing his hands..out thru the kitchen gets something under the sink and starts dncing down the hallway

back to the bedroom sees Jordon and tells her it's a bright new day to smile

Jordon   not feeling well took some tylenol and not feeling well

Adam..trying to make her smiles does his dance and asks if she wants to play cards  Jordon say no

Adam called again to the DR


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