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BB13 Live Feed Updates Tuesday 9/6/11 **SPECIAL EVICTION DAY ** FT comes alive

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Rachel wins HOH Comp "Rollin' in the Dough"

Rachel opens Pandora's Box

GOOD: HG's get a special visit from TORI SPELLING and a 3 minute shopping clothes spree

BAD: Rachel gets locked in HOH and is stuck with Mr. Pectacular Jessie" young gunz" Godderz BB10, BB11

Rachel nominates Kalia and Porsche for eviction

Adam wins POV in OTEV

Adam doesn't use the Veto

Porsche and Kalia remain on the block up for eviction

House Guests have been told about the eviction Tuesday

Crystal the BBFortune Teller comes alive and predicts 14 HG's predictions

** Feeds will be blocked for live eviction show/taping**

Rachel thinks her boobs are too big.  Both Jordan and Rachel are DD and Porsche is a D.  Jordan is a 34DD, Rachel 32DD.

Adam thinks lockdown is to fix the  :ft: Fortune Teller.   :jumpy:

Barbecuing pork chops with Adam and Rachel.

Jordan sharing about what it's like in the Final 2 when you have to answer everyones questions and then give a speech about why you deserve to win.  Says it's nerve wracking.  Porsche says she can imagine, because it was nerve wracking just talking to Julie (yeh, she did look quite nervous).


Kalia is heading to the hammock.   :wohoo:  Adam checking on the chops with Rachel.

Uh oh...there goes my internet again!

Lockdown is over!!!   :jumpy:

Short :wbrb

Pork chops are spicy.

Pork chops are done.   :hoot:  Everyone except Kalia head inside for food...they are STARVING.


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