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BB13 Live Feed Updates Monday 9/5/11

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Rachel wins HOH Comp "Rollin' in the Dough"

Rachel opens Pandora's Box

GOOD: HG's get a special visit from TORI SPELLING and a 3 minute shopping clothes spree

BAD: Rachel gets locked in HOH and is stuck with Mr. Pectacular Jessie" young gunz" Godderz BB10, BB11

Rachel nominates Kalia and Porsche for eviction

Adam wins POV in OTEV

Porsche, Rachel and Kalia playing cards in the backyard.  Kalia went inside for a moment and Adam doesn't want to play in her place.

Jordan comes outside and joins the girls.  Says she really misses being naked.  If she went to another country where they sunbathe in the nude, she would put seashells over her nipples to cover them.  "That would be so cuuuuuuute." :lol3:

Love your dress, Rachel!!!!!   :hrt:

Cards with P/R.  Jordan watching.

Adam in the hammock.

Kalia in the DR.

Last post unless there's something exciting happening before BBAD.  Good night all!


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