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BB13 Live Feed Updates Sunday 9/4/11

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Rachel wins HOH Comp "Rollin' in the Dough"

Rachel opens Pandora's Box

GOOD: HG's get a special visit from TORI SPELLING and a 3 minute shopping clothes spree

BAD: Rachel gets locked in HOH and is stuck with Mr. Pectacular Jessie" young gunz" Godderz BB10, BB11

Rachel nominates Kalia and Porsche for eviction

Adam wins POV in OTEV

kalia pitching her speech to adam outside on feeds 3/4

adam breaks up convo by grilling

Im heading off :waves: & thanks everyone

Finally this thread got unlocked

Adam grilling steaks

Rachel making snacks

Jordan washing dishes

Kalia and Porsche were scheming the past half hour on how to convince Adam to use the veto and get Jordan out. They both are really desperate

K going over what Adam should say if he used the veto, to "her" it's logical sense.  she's doing his thinking for him, thinking of things he should say to everyone for why he is usin the veto (he's not using veto but she controls the world she thinks) 

It amazes me that they are having the convo when they are both on the block.  I mean WHO should he use it on?  thats the ONE thing they are not discussing!

R came out talking about cutting up cheese, etc.  then commercial.

came back from commercial and A/R/J in Kitchen. 

A going over past competitions, the comp where they askd who would America want to see in a bikini...

Adam and Kalia alone in BY

Kalia pleading her case to Adam, he's not buying it


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