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THANK YOU RFF Updaters!!

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How nice of you bluebonnet! Thanks so much for telling us...sometimes it is lonesome typing away wondering if anyone cares!!



Thanks, georgiapeach!  I'm happy to be here! 


--- Quote from: bluebonnet on September 01, 2011, 12:13:09 PM ---Thank you, del227!  I would love to join the discussions!  I've been watching Big Brother since season 1 and I love to talk to people about it.  This is a great site for me.  And the live feed updaters are awesome!  Lots of great personalities on this site!  LOL!  It's alot of fun to read!

--- End quote ---

Bluebonnet rocks my socks!!  I  :hrt: new people!!

You're Welcome Bluebonnet!!  :waves:


I am also very appreciative of the amazing job you guys have done - you are extraordinary people!!  THANKS!!  :hrt:


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