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THANK YOU RFF Updaters!!

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 :hoot:  You guys are all fantastic. It's great to know what's happening in the BB House!  :hrt:

loving  the luv!! :hrt:  thank you to al the well wishers and  :ty to all the RFF rookies that have stepped up this season!  and :tu to all the  RFF seasoned veterans that have put their hearts souls and attitude into  transcribing this years bunch of yahoos! :lol3:

Many thanks once again to all of you updaters who put your life on hold to keep us in the know. I was only able to pitch in once in awhile this year, but really appeciated all of you being so dedicated.
I haven't even had the heart to watch the feeds since Jordan left, because these three are so dull at this point. I know it gets boring every year when it is down to the finals, so maybe that is good for me, so I can withdraw slowly.
I'm ready for next season already!  :hearts: :<3 :hrt:

One more big THANK YOU to the updaters  :hearts:  I am impressed every year by how you manage to update for the entire season, and especially once it is down to the final three.  I am looking forward to next July and BB14!

You are the best updaters out there.  I've lost count of how many years I've read your updates and continue to marvel at the time and attention you all devote to it. Thank you, thank you! 
Deb  :hearts:


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