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Episode 2 Recap~
« on: July 09, 2004, 12:22:13 AM »

In the summer's first nomination ceremony, first HoH Jase nominates Mike and Jennifer for eviction. But before the ceremony, Michael decides to reveal to the Four Horsemen (formerly the Knights) first that Jennifer, a.k.a. Nakomus, is his half-sister. Pulling Jase and Scott aside, he lets them in on his secret, recounting how he put the pieces together: the father's name, the tour in Vietnam, the foot blown off. The initial reactions are shock and disbelief. Initially, Jase is stunned, saying, "I'm just tripping out of my mind." Then he thinks he's being gamed, adding, "I have a problem with the timing." Scott, too, is skeptical: "I didn't believe it."

After some internal discussion, Jase suggests bringing in Nakomus and talking with her. Without hemming and hawing, Michael just puts it out there: "We have the same father." Nakomus suspects he might be messing with her, but after Marvin has Michael, whom he affectionately calls Cowboy, swear on the Bible that he is indeed telling the truth, Nakomus begins to think it might be real. She sums it up in her own unique way, "If that's so, that is a trip."

A group meeting is called, and everybody is let in on the secret. Jaws drop, shock ensues and people try to get their bearings. Whatever doubt there may have been is dispelled after Michael and Nakomus are called into the Diary Room, and each emerge with a letter from their father. They then each read their letters, Michael breaking into tears as he reads aloud, "You now have two sisters and three brothers."

The emotional shockwaves reverberate through the House. In the Diary Room, Will lets on that he finds the news colorful: "Michael delivers this Jerry Springer-ish news." Marvin is doubtful: "Guilty until proven innocent." Drew agrees with Marvin. Feeling the heat, Michael acknowledges the tension, admitting, "It changes things a little bit."

Jase is psyched to assume his place as Head of Household. "It's totally pimp. It's like a sultan's lair." He settles into his leader position, enjoying the power and declaring boldly, "Fear me." He also discovers the plasma screen built into the wall that allows him to view EVERYTHING going on in the house. He can see who's talking with whom, when and where; he just can't hear what they're saying. Showing the strength of the Four Horsemen's alliance, he shows off his super-secret surveillance system to his peeps.

Though the Four Horsemen alliance is holding strong, Jase recognizes the need to expand his power base, warning, "I'm branching out." Mike, feeling left out, tries to do some coalition-building of his own. He tells Jase, "I feel threatened that nobody is talking to me." Mike first tries to work with Diane, then moves on to talk with Drew. Drew plays it cool and reports back to the Horsemen on Mike's state of mind, "He's sweatin' it. He's sweatin' it."


Having fun with his position as HoH, Jase has all the men get dressed up in women's panties in preparation for the Luxury Competition: Margarita Madness. Will is one HouseGuest who thinks it's fun saying, "Seeing Drew's butt in a thong is the hottest thing I've seen in weeks." Mike, as befits a 41-year-old single dad, refuses to put on women's underwear.

With the robust exhortation, "All right, pimps and hos," Jase calls the HouseGuests into the backyard. The task before them is to build a giant margarita: shave the ice, ice the glass, fill glass with tequila and mixer, drop a giant lime--a giant Human lime-- into the glass, then grab the key that will unlock the gate over the hot tub. If the HouseGuests complete the task in under 10 minutes, not only do they get hot tub privileges, they also get a much-needed Mexican fiesta

Jase divvies up the tasks, and everybody performs admirably. Marvin puts his gravedigger skills to work, Scott and Drew fill the giant glass with water coolers full of tequila, and Will engages in serious hard labor with a yoke across his back filled with metal buckets full of margarita mix. He's honest that it's not his cup of tea: "Nurses don't do yokes. I'm going to look like a battered housewife tomorrow."

Michael, dressed in the giant lime suit, slides down into the giant glass. Marvin's gift for color commentary is clear as he says of Michael's slide, "Cowboy looked like the 'Fruit of the Loom' poster child." Michael grabs the key with 18 seconds left to spare. PARTY!


Having succeeded at the Luxury Competition, all the HouseGuests are thrilled to eat real food, though Marvin might be a little too thrilled. He eats four quesadillas to everybody else's one, endearing himself to no one. Marvin also is getting tagged as a person more interested in working on the women than on the game. His philosophy of courtship? "You work on the hedonistic factor."

As Jase begins to deliberate on who will be nominated, the HouseGuests start to realize it's not just a giant party. Though he enjoys being HoH, Jase also finds it unsettling: "When I was putting keys in the box, it's not a fun thing to do."

Without further ado, the nomination ceremony begins. Holly is the first to be safe. Slowly, each key is lifted, leaving only Mike and Nakomus. Jase faces the nominees and tells them how he came to his decision. To Mike, he says, "Word travels fast. You're the professional. I consider you the biggest gamer." To Nicomas, he just says, "We haven't had a chance to get to know each other."

Nakomus takes the news in stride, but Mike appears to be upset. Who will be the first to go? Mike or Nakomus? Or perhaps some new twist will force someone else to leave the House? Find out next week on BIG BROTHER 5.

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Re: Episode 2 Recap~
« Reply #1 on: July 09, 2004, 08:34:53 AM »
I forgot it was on agian this week  ~ was it a good show?

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Re: Episode 2 Recap~
« Reply #2 on: July 13, 2004, 08:06:43 AM »
I didnt catch this second episode.  I have been busy from Thursday on!  So the nomination show was on this past thursday and then was there anything on Saturday?  I am so confused b/c I havent seen anything about saturdays episode!  I have been out of the loop and need updated before tonight!

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Re: Episode 2 Recap~
« Reply #3 on: July 13, 2004, 10:02:35 AM »
No it wasn't on Sat Pittgirl..the live show is on Tonight!!